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Preparing to Sell Your House? Follow These Steps

Whenever you plan on selling your house for whatever reason, comparing the cost and planning ahead might prove to be a wise decision, whether it is about making extensions, converting the attic, or adding blinds in Sydney. All these activities require your careful planning and consideration to commence. Prepare a selling plan and start interviewing real estate agents before marking a date for an open house. Be open to suggestions for listing prices by the sales agents.


Of course, you want the best price for your property. However, making costly home selling mistakes along the way will not bring you the price you seek. But do not panic as we have some steps to follow before you start selling your home.

Figure Out the Finances

Before selling your house, make sure to figure out a rough idea about how much its market worth is. A seller’s greatest mistake is to often give an overpriced quote. Try to keep your prices in line with the comparative market so you get the best price for it. Consider whether the market is going up or down, and set your price accordingly. Figuring out the price first helps you determine how much you need to quote while selling.

Consider Your Motivation

Explore your motivation and the reasons for selling your house. Maybe this is not the right time to sell. The market may be too low, resulting in a deal not fitting your preference. All these factors help you determine the exact time that you find perfect for making the sale. Try comparing the pros and cons of selling now or waiting a bit longer. Write it down if you think you have made the right decision. Refer to professionals to have market knowledge.

Reach Out to Real Estate Agents

Speaking of professionals, your next step is to reach out to real estate agents. Conduct research to shortlist some agents for an interview. Start the interviews to compare the selling experience and past results of each to choose one. Ask each agent about the selling plan they will use to market your home. Also, ask them to give you a market report so you can determine the exact price value for your house. After choosing an agent, read the contract carefully so you are not subjected to hidden charges or fees. Negotiate all of the factors to choose the agent that you find knowledgeable and experienced.

Prepare for Selling

Compare different suggestions and views to make a sound decision. This means you have to make certain changes before you put a “For Sale” sign outside. In general, you need to remove bulky items, excessive furniture or worn out décor. Keep the extra stuff in garage or storage units if they are of any use. Throw out the ones that are no longer useful and are in really bad shape. Give the place a good cleaning yourself or by hiring professionals. The reason behind such action is to make the house look more attractive. The cleaner the house is, the better chances you have of making a smooth deal. Keep the place tidy and make a sale worth your dream.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

It’s important to make your home’s exterior as impressive as what potential buyers can see from the inside. You want to give a good impression by showing them that you never neglect taking care of your most prized property. 

Check out these tips on how to best improve the curb appeal of your home:


  • Pressure Washing: One of the best ways to make your exterior clean and beautiful is through pressure washing. While you can do it yourself, special tools and techniques are needed, so you might as well hire an expert in pressure Washing Lakeland FL.
  • Mow the Lawn: Tall grass and bushy gardens can be a major turn off, most especially for garden lovers. That’s why it won’t hurt mowing your lawn to reduce excess foliage.
  • Stage Your Patio: As much as you prepare for interior staging, it’s also a good idea to impress potential buyers by staging your outdoor living space. You don’t have to completely renovate or change the flooring or do some major works. Change the old décor, such as changing the cases of old cushions, or add some seashell displays to mimic a beach-like ambiance. 


Maintain the Cleanliness Inside Out

The cleanliness of a property for sale should be maintained at all times. Make sure to clean spills immediately to avoid stains and pick up clutter whenever you see them. Sometimes, home visits can be unexpected. Also, it’s crucial to keep your roof and deck clean by hiring professionals to do it, like a pressure washing expert.

Maintain the Cleanliness Inside Out

The cleanliness of a property for sale should be maintained at all times. Make sure to clean spills immediately to avoid stains and pick up clutter whenever you see them. Sometimes, home visits can be unexpected. Also, it’s crucial to keep your roof and deck clean by hiring professionals to do it, like a pressure washing expert.

Decide Whether to Make Repairs

Not all the repairs tend to pay off adequately. Calculate the potential return on investment if you decide to make any repairs. The best returns that any repairs provide are on kitchen and bathroom improvement. Consult the professionals so you may not spend on anything you do not need to fix. Although, you might not want to spend on any major improvement, do repair obvious maintenance issues. Make sure you spend your money on the right repairs as you hand over the keys to the house in running condition.

List Your Home for Sale

When listing your property for sale, include as many photos as possible. Make sure to provide the real condition of your property to avoid surprising the buyer and possibly causing frustration. While not all homes are perfect, you can highlight your home’s good features and address the really negative ones.

Market Your Home

Both you and real estate agents need to start marketing your home. You and your agents need to identify the house’s bestselling points and make the best advertisements to convey them. You can approve an agent’s marketing campaign or design one yourself. The key point here is to show what the best features your house has to make an effective sale. You can now use online listings as well, so make sure to also do that. You have to saturate social media and the internet with your home’s pictures and descriptions. You have a better chance of selling your home if you have an effective online campaign running.

Show Your Home

Let your real estate agent show your home to potential buyers by giving those lockboxes or keypads. Try to remain flexible if you opt for personal appointments as you need timely schedules for it. Some buyers may want to visit after office hours (night time), so be as accommodating as you can. Use the open house feature but we recommend using it carefully. Be sure to ask for the buyer’s feedback to adjust the price, condition, and campaigns accordingly.

Offer and Acceptance

If your house is at the right price, chances are you will receive more offers so prepare yourself for it. Do not ignore any offer no matter if they seem low as you can make counteroffers. Consider making a counteroffer only if the market condition seems fit. Do not hesitate to make a full-price counteroffer if you have a competitive and comparable sale history. You will have many offers that you can decide on. You know the value of your home and its condition, so accept an offer that fits your descriptions.


Selling your house is no walk in the park as you need to make sure the price is right to make an effective sale. The steps mentioned above may help you out in kick-starting your sale and act as your guidelines. Do benefit from these to make an effective sale, and also consult the professionals of the industry. You may be tempted to make the sales yourself, but only do this if you have experience. Be ready to face criticisms, but do not lose your motivation for making an effective sale.…

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Modify Your Home with these 5 Smart Gadgets!

When you think about a ‘smart home’, what picture comes to mind?

Digital walls with which you can interact via touch, refrigerators which can inform you about any appointments you may have in the day, sleep-adjusting mattresses, self-organizing wardrobes, robot vacuum cleaners, so on and so forth, right?

Even though these innovations may excite you to your very core, yet they are far off. Still in the pipeline. You have a long way to go before you can actually luxuriate in a perfectly digitized home. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t start taking advantage of what’s being created today, technology-wise.

Yes, I’m referring to those small-scale gadgets and gizmos which even your modest pockets can afford. Devices which can take your ‘smart home’ dream up a notch. Easily adjustable upgrades which can make your life easier and much more convenient. Check out these varieties, available on Amazon, below:

Mood-Reflecting Bulbs:

Lighting is a highly important element which adds to the ambiance of a place. If you’re bored of the light/dark varieties, then take a look at the Lumimum LED bulbs, which are available on Amazon for a mere $16.50. These bulbs can be remotely operated from your smartphone or tab. You can actually change the colors and moods of these bulbs by syncing them with your Wi-Fi, which should be strong enough to support a seamless communication between these devices. You can get amazing Wi-Fi connectivity from this internet service provider in your area, FYI. Cool, right?

Video Doorbell:

Most of the time, you’re on the road and are not able to receive the visitors at your residence. In addition to this, there are instances in which you’re fast asleep in bed and suddenly hear a questionable noise coming from your front yard. With a smart doorbell, you can remotely check who is at your door and even leave a message for them. The advanced camera in this bell captures a live video in HD, which you can view remotely on your smartphone. Ring’s Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell is available in a bronze shade on Amazon for $99.99. It syncs with Alexa too.

Automated Plug:

Imagine being able to operate any device you want from afar. Whether it is an electric kettle, a bedside lamp or even an old stereo player, you can control it from your smartphone by attaching it to an outlet via a smart plug. Astrodot’s smart plug is especially famous for its compact size, its compatibility with Alexa, and its hub-free Wi-Fi remote control. You can get a set from Amazon for a mere $31.99.

Smart Diffuser:

It’s near to midnight and you drag yourself back home from a particularly hard day at work. You’re spent. What you need is a major relaxation session. So, you turn on the smart essential oil diffuser via the smartphone app and feel yourself floating away on the clouds of lavender fragrance. It’s almost therapeutic. This smart diffuser is available on Amazon for a mere $29.99. I’d say that you should go for the RENPHO variety because its products are compatible with all Alexa devices and have an ultrasonic technology which maintains air purity.

Trendy Thermostat:

You wake up at 5 a.m. and it’s freezing in your room! Only if you had the smart thermostat which could be remotely controlled so you wouldn’t have to get up from the warm blankets just to adjust the temperature! Well, then. Why don’t you purchase it and upgrade your home tech? Amazon recommends Nest’s Smart Learning Thermostat especially. It is compatible with Alexa and works via voice control. Not only that, it comes in four different colors, so you can choose the one that goes with your décor.

So, go ahead and modify your home with the aforementioned smart gadgets.…

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Workstation sinks: The hulk of kitchen sinks that help you prep, cook, and clean!

The kitchen sink is the most understated, yet the most used item in the kitchen. Apart from washing pots and pans, you can wash veggies, defrost meat, drain the boiled vegetables, stack washed dishes, and keep dirty utensils in the sink.

ADA-compliant kitchen sink has an endless number of utilities as long as you choose the right make and model. These sinks come with options that allow the user to add colanders, cutting boards, drying racks, bottom grids, and other accessories to extend its functionality.

What are the workstation sinks for the kitchen?

Workstation sinks come packed with multi-functionalities, thanks to the numerous add-ons you can use. The different configurations and interchangeable levels of sink accessories make up for a beautiful multi-tasking workspace inside the kitchen.

Earlier, there was a shortage of companies making workstation sinks. A homeowner or interior designer had to customize designs or go to one of the two brands that made authentic workstation sinks in the US. Thankfully, the scenario has changed over the years. You can find numerous types of workstation sinks complete with varying number of add-ons for your sink.

Chef sinks have a few variants, as well. You can opt to top mount them or undermount them. The choice of mounting will depend upon the size of your sink, width of your countertop, the finish of the sink edges, and to a great extent, your preferred interior décor style.

Currently, the trending designs in workstation sinks come in bottom-mount variants, since the position of the faucet can be flexible with respect to the kitchen drain.

What can you expect from a new kitchen sink workstation?

The standard chef sinks from popular brands always come with small ledges carved into the sink. These work as grooves or slots for the slide-in accessories. You can switch one accessory for another anytime you want without wasting time. Always check reviews of these workstation sinks to determine how easy switching these accessories will be.

Available accessories typically include a cutting board, colander, drying rack, strainer, and base grid. That is the best aspect of any workstation kitchen sink. It can maximize the utility of the design while minimizing the space necessary for the task.

For example, you have a small kitchen counter and the dire need to add some room. Now, you need to find enough space to dry out the clean dishes and separate the dirty ones without blocking the flow of water into the kitchen drain. Opting for a chef sink can solve your problem by offering different levels of accessory attachment. You can keep the clean and dirty dishes separately, while the water and waste can flow into the drain with ease.

Chef sinks promote kitchen hygiene

These workstation sinks improve the health inside a kitchen. They provide the arrangement for separating the dirty dishes from the clean ones. They also offer enough space, washing vegetables and defrosting meat without letting them touch.

The wide array of accessories that come with the workstation kitchen sink make it entirely possible for the owners to complete multiple tasks throughout the day, without one encroaching into the space of the other. Most importantly, modern homes have open kitchen plans. Now, if you have guests over and you have not had the time to do the dishes since the morning, you can use one of the accessories to hide the dirty utensils in the sink altogether.

These sinks can help save space

Have you ever considered how much space your standard-sized colander, wooden chopping board, and utensils drying rack take up? It is a headache for anyone with a small kitchen to fit all the necessary accessories within the limited space. When you bring a chef sink home, you also bring back a multi-tasking platform complete with cutting boards, colanders, and drying racks.

Your sink workstation by Kraus USA can have other additional accessories to help your daily prepping and cooking. Nonetheless, you will never have to worry about budgeting your countertop space or storage space for stowing away a whole array of prepping accessories while you are not using them.

They make cleaning up fun!

Unlike countertop tools and accessories, these workstation sink accessories sit on top of the sink. While you might be looking at your chopping board right now that’s sitting a couple of inches from the sink, the one that comes with the chef sink fits directly into the slot on the sides of the sink.

Therefore, clean-up is super-easy. One swipe and all the peels, leftover leaves, and roots of the veggies go directly into the garbage disposal. The clean-up concept is similar for the colander and defrosting stations, as well. Since the drying rack is directly above the sink, you don’t have to worry about the drained water from washed utensils, leaving a trail on the countertop.

A chef sink makes the post-prepping and post-meal clean-ups pretty quick and easy for everyone. Especially, if you have a marble countertop or a composite material that is prone to staining, you should think about getting a workstation sink due to its direct flow out and clean up facilities.

These sinks boost safety

Most workstation sinks offer additional safety to any adult and child working in the kitchen. It reduces the chances of dropping washed dishes while moving them from one station to another.

It also decreases the probability of cross-contamination during preparation.

The secure slots hold the colander, chopping board, and drying rack firmly in place, thereby reducing the chances of any unpleasant mishaps in the kitchen. The inclusion of a firm and stable colander reduces the chances of burns while draining boiled veggies and pasta.

The stable chopping board alleviates all chances of accidental cuts and scrapes that are quite common while working on a free-standing chopping board.

While chef sinks make your kitchen the abode of multi-tasking, they are not as expensive as you’d expect them to be! Besides, when you are opting for a multi-tasking sink, you can do away with your ideas of buying new chopping boards, colanders, drying racks, and kitchen sink grids. It is the only accessory your kitchen will ever need to become a super-kitchen!

If you’re a kitchen addict like us, & want to contribute some awesome tips & tricks, Please write for us, We’re Activity looking for contributors for house affection.…

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Let Your Home Décor Help You Unwind

After a long, stressful day at work, your house should be that calming place that helps you unwind, relax and removes all the worries of the outside.

If your home is cluttered and full of garish décor, then you need to seriously reconsider redecorating. Here are a few tips that will help you get started toward a home full of serene and tranquil vibes.

Make it Smell Great

While entering your home, the first thing that teases your senses is the scent. A pleasing scent will make you feel good and set the mood for the rest of the evening.

The scent of freshly-baked bread or cookies would be great as they give you a warm and cozy feeling, however, that cannot always be the case.

You could try scent diffusers; just fill it up with water and a few droplets of your favorite essential oil. There are plenty of options to make your house smell great such as scented wax cubes or scented cleaners.

Credit: Oil diffuser zone

Light colors Makes you Feel Lighter

Opt for light colors inside your home as they make even a cramped space feel wide and open, and the colors tend to have a soothing effect.

Dark colors, on the other hand, give a gloomy and somber look to a home, which in turn impacts your mood. If you can’t understand why, imagine living in a gothic place.

Go for salmon peach, palladian blue, wool skein, light lavender mist, sprout .06, compatible cream, or an Intense white. Have a look at how these would go with the décor.

Vivid colors akin to candies tend to make the house look gaudy and tacky if they are splashed across all the walls. If you’re fond of bright and vivid colors, infuse them in your home accessories such as cushions, couches, throws, lamps, paintings, or rugs.

Do Away With Clutter

A cluttered space, no matter how big, ends up suffocating its dwellers. In a study, respondents whose homes were cluttered or filled with unfinished projects, were more depressed with high-stress levels as compared to respondents who described their home as restful and restorative.

All those newspapers, cards, papers, books, clothes strewn about, need to have a space dedicated to them.

Get shelves and decorative baskets to store all these items. Insert compact drawers and shelves in nooks and crannies so they don’t take additional space.

Keep the laundry basket at a place, where you change your clothing. so as to immediately dump them in one place rather than decorating the entire room with dirty clothes.

Credits: Chatelain

Comfy seats for a Comfy Evening

Choose your furniture wisely. Keep in mind two things while purchasing: (1) how you can buy less furniture, (2) how comfortable it is.

Don’t cram your living space with unnecessary and decorative furniture or at the end of the day, you will have trouble navigating your living room and it will be a nightmare when the guests are coming over.

Opt for comfortable and cozy couches, seats and cushions that do away with all your pain and ache when you recline on it. Complement it with wonderful entertainment provided by Mediacom Xtream and a gigantic bowl of popcorn — a perfect recipe for a fun as well as relaxing evening!


Be Strategic With Lights

Your space lightened up with bright overhead lights is going to hurt your eyes and head, particularly when your aim is to wind down.

An ideal lighting would be natural light coming in from windows along with fresh air. However, when darkness falls, keep a select few places lighted up where it is required such as the corner where you read with a lamp. You can even utilize dimmers for lights to dim the lights when you don’t need them.

Bring Nature In

If you can’t frequent the nature outdoors, bring the nature into your home. Nurturing plants does help with improving your mood. Even if you are not into gardening, a few houseplants in places you sit will bring so much positive energy into your place.

Even tiny pots filled with greenery on your side table or any other table will be great and if you are reluctant to do just that, hang nature-filled landscape pictures on your walls.

Credit: House beautiful

Imbue your dreams in Your Home

A home is a place filled with dreams. So instill your dreams and fantasies in your home décor to remind you that you have the ability to dream and have the capability to fulfill those dreams.

If you aim to be a designer, fill your home with your designs in photo frames and furniture. If you have a particular favorite character such as Pikachu since childhood, make sure you have photos or a stuffed toy of Pikachu.

Decorate your home with your achievements, awards, and trophies so that when you are feeling low, these will be there to remind you that you have achieved so much in life.

Wrapping Up

Along with these tips, make sure to experiment and bring in your flavor into the décor, and enjoy a comfortable and stress-free time at home.…

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