Modify Your Home with these 5 Smart Gadgets!

When you think about a ‘smart home’, what picture comes to mind?

Digital walls with which you can interact via touch, refrigerators which can inform you about any appointments you may have in the day, sleep-adjusting mattresses, self-organizing wardrobes, robot vacuum cleaners, so on and so forth, right?

Even though these innovations may excite you to your very core, yet they are far off. Still in the pipeline. You have a long way to go before you can actually luxuriate in a perfectly digitized home. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t start taking advantage of what’s being created today, technology-wise.

Yes, I’m referring to those small-scale gadgets and gizmos which even your modest pockets can afford. Devices which can take your ‘smart home’ dream up a notch. Easily adjustable upgrades which can make your life easier and much more convenient. Check out these varieties, available on Amazon, below:

Mood-Reflecting Bulbs:

Lighting is a highly important element which adds to the ambiance of a place. If you’re bored of the light/dark varieties, then take a look at the Lumimum LED bulbs, which are available on Amazon for a mere $16.50. These bulbs can be remotely operated from your smartphone or tab. You can actually change the colors and moods of these bulbs by syncing them with your Wi-Fi, which should be strong enough to support a seamless communication between these devices. You can get amazing Wi-Fi connectivity from this internet service provider in your area, FYI. Cool, right?

Video Doorbell:

Most of the time, you’re on the road and are not able to receive the visitors at your residence. In addition to this, there are instances in which you’re fast asleep in bed and suddenly hear a questionable noise coming from your front yard. With a smart doorbell, you can remotely check who is at your door and even leave a message for them. The advanced camera in this bell captures a live video in HD, which you can view remotely on your smartphone. Ring’s Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell is available in a bronze shade on Amazon for $99.99. It syncs with Alexa too.

Automated Plug:

Imagine being able to operate any device you want from afar. Whether it is an electric kettle, a bedside lamp or even an old stereo player, you can control it from your smartphone by attaching it to an outlet via a smart plug. Astrodot’s smart plug is especially famous for its compact size, its compatibility with Alexa, and its hub-free Wi-Fi remote control. You can get a set from Amazon for a mere $31.99.

Smart Diffuser:

It’s near to midnight and you drag yourself back home from a particularly hard day at work. You’re spent. What you need is a major relaxation session. So, you turn on the smart essential oil diffuser via the smartphone app and feel yourself floating away on the clouds of lavender fragrance. It’s almost therapeutic. This smart diffuser is available on Amazon for a mere $29.99. I’d say that you should go for the RENPHO variety because its products are compatible with all Alexa devices and have an ultrasonic technology which maintains air purity.

Trendy Thermostat:

You wake up at 5 a.m. and it’s freezing in your room! Only if you had the smart thermostat which could be remotely controlled so you wouldn’t have to get up from the warm blankets just to adjust the temperature! Well, then. Why don’t you purchase it and upgrade your home tech? Amazon recommends Nest’s Smart Learning Thermostat especially. It is compatible with Alexa and works via voice control. Not only that, it comes in four different colors, so you can choose the one that goes with your décor.

So, go ahead and modify your home with the aforementioned smart gadgets.…

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