Workstation sinks: The hulk of kitchen sinks that help you prep, cook, and clean!

The kitchen sink is the most understated, yet the most used item in the kitchen. Apart from washing pots and pans, you can wash veggies, defrost meat, drain the boiled vegetables, stack washed dishes, and keep dirty utensils in the sink.

ADA-compliant kitchen sink has an endless number of utilities as long as you choose the right make and model. These sinks come with options that allow the user to add colanders, cutting boards, drying racks, bottom grids, and other accessories to extend its functionality.

What are the workstation sinks for the kitchen?

Workstation sinks come packed with multi-functionalities, thanks to the numerous add-ons you can use. The different configurations and interchangeable levels of sink accessories make up for a beautiful multi-tasking workspace inside the kitchen.

Earlier, there was a shortage of companies making workstation sinks. A homeowner or interior designer had to customize designs or go to one of the two brands that made authentic workstation sinks in the US. Thankfully, the scenario has changed over the years. You can find numerous types of workstation sinks complete with varying number of add-ons for your sink.

Chef sinks have a few variants, as well. You can opt to top mount them or undermount them. The choice of mounting will depend upon the size of your sink, width of your countertop, the finish of the sink edges, and to a great extent, your preferred interior décor style.

Currently, the trending designs in workstation sinks come in bottom-mount variants, since the position of the faucet can be flexible with respect to the kitchen drain.

What can you expect from a new kitchen sink workstation?

The standard chef sinks from popular brands always come with small ledges carved into the sink. These work as grooves or slots for the slide-in accessories. You can switch one accessory for another anytime you want without wasting time. Always check reviews of these workstation sinks to determine how easy switching these accessories will be.

Available accessories typically include a cutting board, colander, drying rack, strainer, and base grid. That is the best aspect of any workstation kitchen sink. It can maximize the utility of the design while minimizing the space necessary for the task.

For example, you have a small kitchen counter and the dire need to add some room. Now, you need to find enough space to dry out the clean dishes and separate the dirty ones without blocking the flow of water into the kitchen drain. Opting for a chef sink can solve your problem by offering different levels of accessory attachment. You can keep the clean and dirty dishes separately, while the water and waste can flow into the drain with ease.

Chef sinks promote kitchen hygiene

These workstation sinks improve the health inside a kitchen. They provide the arrangement for separating the dirty dishes from the clean ones. They also offer enough space, washing vegetables and defrosting meat without letting them touch.

The wide array of accessories that come with the workstation kitchen sink make it entirely possible for the owners to complete multiple tasks throughout the day, without one encroaching into the space of the other. Most importantly, modern homes have open kitchen plans. Now, if you have guests over and you have not had the time to do the dishes since the morning, you can use one of the accessories to hide the dirty utensils in the sink altogether.

These sinks can help save space

Have you ever considered how much space your standard-sized colander, wooden chopping board, and utensils drying rack take up? It is a headache for anyone with a small kitchen to fit all the necessary accessories within the limited space. When you bring a chef sink home, you also bring back a multi-tasking platform complete with cutting boards, colanders, and drying racks.

Your sink workstation by Kraus USA can have other additional accessories to help your daily prepping and cooking. Nonetheless, you will never have to worry about budgeting your countertop space or storage space for stowing away a whole array of prepping accessories while you are not using them.

They make cleaning up fun!

Unlike countertop tools and accessories, these workstation sink accessories sit on top of the sink. While you might be looking at your chopping board right now that’s sitting a couple of inches from the sink, the one that comes with the chef sink fits directly into the slot on the sides of the sink.

Therefore, clean-up is super-easy. One swipe and all the peels, leftover leaves, and roots of the veggies go directly into the garbage disposal. The clean-up concept is similar for the colander and defrosting stations, as well. Since the drying rack is directly above the sink, you don’t have to worry about the drained water from washed utensils, leaving a trail on the countertop.

A chef sink makes the post-prepping and post-meal clean-ups pretty quick and easy for everyone. Especially, if you have a marble countertop or a composite material that is prone to staining, you should think about getting a workstation sink due to its direct flow out and clean up facilities.

These sinks boost safety

Most workstation sinks offer additional safety to any adult and child working in the kitchen. It reduces the chances of dropping washed dishes while moving them from one station to another.

It also decreases the probability of cross-contamination during preparation.

The secure slots hold the colander, chopping board, and drying rack firmly in place, thereby reducing the chances of any unpleasant mishaps in the kitchen. The inclusion of a firm and stable colander reduces the chances of burns while draining boiled veggies and pasta.

The stable chopping board alleviates all chances of accidental cuts and scrapes that are quite common while working on a free-standing chopping board.

While chef sinks make your kitchen the abode of multi-tasking, they are not as expensive as you’d expect them to be! Besides, when you are opting for a multi-tasking sink, you can do away with your ideas of buying new chopping boards, colanders, drying racks, and kitchen sink grids. It is the only accessory your kitchen will ever need to become a super-kitchen!

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